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Pitches for Pitchers

Do you have a hidden talent for pitching wacky ideas in a confined space? Do you love beer, networking and arcade games? Itching for an opportunity to showcase your creative ideas? Well look no further! Join the University of Alberta Marketing Association for our second annual Pitches for Pitchers. What is PFP you might ask? Read closely below... this might get a bit confusing!

How it works:
1) Choose a partner!
2) Upon purchasing a ticket, you and your partner will sign up for a 30 minute block between 5-7pm.
3) On March 8, half an hour before your presentation time, you will be given a case document (therefore, your overall time commitment is 1 hour)
4) When it's your turn, you and your partner will begin on the ground floor in the Tory elevators. You will have approximately 2 minutes (the length of the elevator ride) to pitch your idea for a Superbowl ad for our chosen comedic company concept.
5) Be prepared to have random arts/business students enter the elevator as you are pitching. That's half the fun!
6) Once you arrive at the top floor, you and your partner will be free until 9:30 pm at the after party at Beercade!

1st place: $100 bar tab
2nd place: $50 bar tab
3rd place: $25 bar tab
Most creative & comedic pitch: bragging rights, a trophy and some drinks from the UAMA!

All in all, your $5 will provide you with a ton of FUN, a chance at $175 worth of bar tabs, a guaranteed pre paid drink at beercade, no cover and some networking opportunities! What's not to love?

AFTER PARTY: if you wish to opt out of the elevator pitch portion, Beercade tickets are FREE and will give you priority entrance before 10:30 pm and a prepaid drink! (and opportunities to mooch off the winning team's bar tab)

Tickets will be on sale from Monday March 4 - Friday March 8 outside the BSA office from 11am-2pm. We hope to see you there! We will be hosting the afterparty at Beercade at starting at 9:30, winners will be announced at 10.

Earlier Event: January 28
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