Jack Gilroy

VP External

Yo, my name is Jack and I am the External VP with UAMA.

I’m a second year business student majoring in Marketing. My ideal day would consist of a healthy amount of banter with the boys, a bowl of Kraft Dinner for any one of my three meals and then finished off with a pick up game of ball. This is my second year with the UAMA and I am super excited to be apart of the team once again! The UAMA hosts multiple events throughout the year including case comps, networking events and bar events allowing students to get involved and develop important skills necessary for a career in business. Our external team will host a networking event which will allow students to connect with business representatives for an out of class learning experience. Hope to see some of you guys around, cheers!

Why he joined UAMA: I joined UAMA to meet people, establish connections and gain “out of class” business experience.

Go-to karaoke song: Tequila