Jessica Klimko

VP Internal

Hey I'm Jess and I am this years VP Internal for the UAMA!

I recently discovered the TV show, "Friends", and honestly question my life before it. I am a huge fan of Second Cup black, flavoured coffee, Khalid and Christmas time. I'm high-key obsessed with my job at Swish Flowers and love flowers more than anything...and that is an understatement. I have been called the Modern-Day Columbus because I love to travel. If I'm not in the UAMA office planning the next event, you can catch me at work, Earls Happy Hour or in bed watching Netflix or researching my next vacation.

Why she joined UAMA: I wanted to join the UAMA because I thought it would be a great way to enrich my knowledge about marketing and give me the best opportunity to connect with people. As a fifth year student at the U of A, I knew that for my final year I wanted to increase my exposure to marketing and the business world outside the classroom; becoming a VP for this team has really allowed me to do that. UAMA is a club that I always wanted to be part of (I applied 3 times before this haha). So far, it's provided me with a diverse, hands on position that I think will better me as a female in our ever-growing business world.

Go to karaoke song: Bedrock - Young Money (lol)