Josh Radostits

VP Public Relations/Podcast Co-Host

My name is kinda like… uh... Josh (as I would say on the podcast).

If you hadn’t had the pleasure of getting to know me through my stumbles and awkwardness on the podcast, I’m your VP of Public Relations again this year. That’s right, I loved it so much I had to come back for another year. I’m really excited about Season 2 of the podcast and the amazing team we have this year! When I’m not on campus or recording, I’m probably listening to a podcast (not my own of course) and sippin’ on a cappuccino or craft beer depending on the time of day. Cheers to another year!

Why he joined UAMA: I joined UAMA to make a positive impact for the students interested in marketing within the university. Majoring in marketing is sometimes seen as something the dumb or lazy kids do. So as a marketing club, I think we have a unique opportunity to promote just how dynamic and difficult marketing is. My favorite part of being in UAMA is the ability to have your ideas come to life and to promote the local marketing scene which isn’t given enough attention in class.

Go-to karaoke song: This sounds bad but the only time I did karaoke was to Bad Touch by the Bloodhound Gang - but don't let that taint your perception of me haha